Ways to stop bullying

PART A: Group Brainstorm Activity – Bullying

In groups you will come up with as many ideas as you can about bullying, for example: what it is, how it affects people and what you should do if you encounter bullying.

Include one question.

Your group will have: (1-2 writer(s)english/spanish, 1-2 presenter(s)english/spanish and 1 Organizer).

You will organize your ideas onto a piece of paper, and then present them to the class.

PART B: Video Activity

Watch the video attached and complete the corresponding worksheet.  Once you have completed the worksheet, you must paste it in your copy books.

PART C: WRAP UP ACTIVITY – Conflict Resolution

Oral Evaluation Unit 1 (Group Evaluation)

In groups you will be given a situation in which you must invent ideas to resolve a typical conflict that may happen at school or with friends.

Your group will have: (1 leader, 1-2 writer(s), 1-3 presenter(s) and 2-3 actors (optional).

You may choose to act out part of the situation if you want (The acting part can be in Spanish, but presenting the information must be in English).

Write your ideas in your copy books(1) and present them to the class.


Antibullying presentation Rubric

Group 1: One of your classmates is Tommy, and he is always calling Alan ¨Guatón¨ because Alan is a little bit bigger than the others.  You notice that Alan looks sad when Tommy says this.  What can you do?

Group 2: One of your classmates is Alisa, and she is always bothering Paloma and making jokes about her because she is new, from a small town in the north of Chile, kind of quiet and talks with a different accent.   What can you do?

Group 3: One of your classmates is Vicente, and he is always taking peoples´ things like pencils, pens, toys and food because he says that they are his things.   What can you do?

Group 4: One of your classmates is Francisca, and she is usually mean to you and doesn´t make you feel very good, but she is popular, pretty and has lots of friends.   What can you do?

Group 5: One of your classmates is Benjamin, and he took a photo of another classmate Fernanda, made some mean changes to the photo using Photoshop, and posted it on Facebook.  Now Fernanda is not not coming to school for fear of being made fun of.  What can you do?

PART D: Written Evaluation Unit 1

Escribe en los cuadernos(2) un resumen de lo que sucedió en la situación con tu grupo.

¿Qué pasó?

¿Por qué fue bullying?

¿Cuál fue la mejor forma de solucionarla?

¿Ahora tienes otras ideas sobre como parar el bullying que no tenías en tu poster inicial de brainstorm?


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