Speaking Tips: Oral Expression Assessment Unit 1

1.  You are to give a short speech to the class, speaking for a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 2 minutes.

2.  The content for your speech will be scripted and prepared.  You can either create your own speech or choose a pre-written piece (ex. speech, letter, blog, forum, article, report, story, poem, song, etc.)

3.  The content in your speech must be in some way connected to either the virtue of LOVE or JOY.

4.  Your speech must be in English.

5.  You will NOT be graded on content, rather on HOW YOU SPEAK.  *see rubric attached…

ADDITIONALLY, 6.  If you are bored, distracted, uninterested, disrespectful and/or simply not listening to your classmates speeches, you will be discounted points in participation for Unit 1.

Speaking Tips Rubric


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