Unit 2 Written Evaluation


Write in your copy books a written reflection (ENGLISH) about the activities we completed in Unit 2.  Make sure you answer the following questions in your reflection:

–   How was justice demonstrated in the Mock Trial of the Case of the Missing Puppy?  Do you believe the decision was just?  Explain why or why not.

–   5th Grade only: What were the problems leading up to the Fall of Rome?  Do think there was justice and diplomacy in the Roman Empire?  Explain why or why not.

–   6th Grade only: Describe what you think was just or unjust in the social structure during the Middle Ages.

–   Why are justice and diplomacy important in your life?  Explain why or why not using examples.

Grading Criteria:

CONTENT (Answering the questions) = 4 POINTS

CRITICAL THINKING (Deep understanding, creative answers) = 4 POINTS

LANGUAGE (Good use of english) = 4 POINTS

ORGANIZATION (Complete sentences, spacing, neat handwriting) = 4 POINTS



Mock Trial: The Case of the Missing Puppy & Socratic Circle: The Fall of Rome:

IMG_20150429_132123 IMG_20150511_081823


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