Unit 5 – Debate in Society

In this unit, we will look at how debate and the skills you learn through debate are extremely useful in everyday life.

First, we will read a document, then take notes in your Debate Copy Books from a Prezi presentation about why debate is important in society. (You can copy the notes in English or Spanish or Both if you´re really fast!)

Why Debate?

Prezi link

Second, we will have a class discussion on the use of Debate Skills in the following areas:

  1. Law – Mock Trial in ENGLISH (8 people minimum) http://www.justiceeducation.ca/themes/framework/documents/Brashear.pdf      
  2. Politics – Presidential Debate SPANISH (3-5 people)   
  3. Community – Public Hearing in ENGLISH (11 people)  
  4. Business – Business deal in SPANISH (4-6 people)  

Third, you will work in groups using Debate Skills to resolve an issue in one of the above areas.  Scripts with a ¨fill-in-the-blanks¨ style format will be provided for each case.  In each case, there will be Proposing and Opposing teams.  Some of the cases will be in English and some in Spanish.  As in past debates we have had in class, teams will be expected to present clear and effective ARGUMENTS backed by real and convincing examples and evidence.


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