Unit #5 – Evaluation (Written Response)

Write a Written Response IN YOUR COPY BOOKS about one of the debate activities that you participated in Unit 5 (The trial; The presidential debate; The public hearing; or, The business deal).  COPY AND COMPLETE THE SENTENCE PROMPTS BELOW:

The activity(activities) I participated in was(were) …

In (one of) the activity(activities) that I participated in, my role was …

As I recall to the best of my knowledge, in that activity what happened was …

The final decision was …

It was a … (put an adjective) decision, because …

I think that the most important thing I learned from this activity is … because …


Unit 5 – The Sophists


In this unit, you will learn about several philosophers from Ancient Greece, interpret some of their conclusions and ideas, draw comparisons with modern day society, and write a short paper (English) stating your ideas about what a ¨Model Society¨ might look like.

In your Debate Copy Books, make a list similar to the one below and complete it using ideas from the following videos and the handout which is attached here in .doc and .html form:


Sophists, Los Sofistas

Person: Era: Ideas: Other interesting points:

Copy and complete the following phrase:

The Sophists were critized for…

Unit 5 – Debate in Society

In this unit, we will look at how debate and the skills you learn through debate are extremely useful in everyday life.

First, we will read a document, then take notes in your Debate Copy Books from a Prezi presentation about why debate is important in society. (You can copy the notes in English or Spanish or Both if you´re really fast!)

Why Debate?

Prezi link

Second, we will have a class discussion on the use of Debate Skills in the following areas:

  1. Law – Mock Trial in ENGLISH (8 people minimum) http://www.justiceeducation.ca/themes/framework/documents/Brashear.pdf      
  2. Politics – Presidential Debate SPANISH (3-5 people)   
  3. Community – Public Hearing in ENGLISH (11 people)  
  4. Business – Business deal in SPANISH (4-6 people)  

Third, you will work in groups using Debate Skills to resolve an issue in one of the above areas.  Scripts with a ¨fill-in-the-blanks¨ style format will be provided for each case.  In each case, there will be Proposing and Opposing teams.  Some of the cases will be in English and some in Spanish.  As in past debates we have had in class, teams will be expected to present clear and effective ARGUMENTS backed by real and convincing examples and evidence.

La Propuesta


Vas a proponer una solución para un problema (regional, nacional, global) que creas que es realmente importante y que posee una solución real.  Cuando elijas tu problema, tienes que considerar los siguientes conceptos para respaldar tu propuesta:

  • Derechos humanos
  • Los morales y la ética
  • Common sense!

La solución debe ser una política nueva, una ley o un cambio en la sociedad.  Esto se llama el mecanismo.  Cuando formas el mecanismo, tienes que considerar lo siguiente:

  • ¿Será practico?
  • ¿Será económico?
  • ¿Resolverá el problema?
  • ¿Habrán efectos negativos?

Los grupos podrán ser conformados de 1 a 8 integrantes y la presentación será realizada en español.

5th – 8th grade proposal task

How to make a PROPOSAL

Proposal Rubric

Proposal Script

Is climate change something to worry about?


Take notes on the lecture above in your copy books using the following headings:

Known risks:

Realistic solutions:

Reflection Questions:

What kind of problem is climate change mostly?  (i.e. political, business and marketing, scientific, engineering, environmental, social and cultural, legal, moral and ethical, etc.)

Do you believe there are viable solutions to stabilize CO2 levels in the atmosphere? If so, which are the best?

Do you think there are viable solutions to adapt to a warming planet?  If so, which are the best?