Is climate change something to worry about?


Take notes on the lecture above in your copy books using the following headings:

Known risks:

Realistic solutions:

Reflection Questions:

What kind of problem is climate change mostly?  (i.e. political, business and marketing, scientific, engineering, environmental, social and cultural, legal, moral and ethical, etc.)

Do you believe there are viable solutions to stabilize CO2 levels in the atmosphere? If so, which are the best?

Do you think there are viable solutions to adapt to a warming planet?  If so, which are the best?


Unit 3: Proposal

Your task is to work in groups to create a proposal that will solve an International conflict based on a Fictional country.  You will present your proposal to an International Committee where it may be accepted or rejected.

It is important that you research the topic, that you fully understand the complexity of the problem and the important factors that you will have to deal with.

Questions to consider:

1.  Is it a violation of International Human Rights ?  (check the link below!)

2.  Does it go against commonly recognized, universal morals?  (check the links below!)

3.  Who are ALL the people or groups of people directly or indirectly involved in this conflict?  (ex. Governments, Companies, Community, Families, Small businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Military groups, Religious groups, etc.)

4.  What is the problem exactly?  How will your group solve the problem?

5.  *Now that you have done some research, it´s time to create your plan!  Use your notes from class on how to create a proposal and/or peaceful protest. (Below is the powerpoint on proposals.  Use it!!)

How to make a PROPOSAL

Group Topics:

Conflict A – Your group is concerned about a situation occurring in a country called Islamistan, where an Islamic extremist group has taken control.  Under their laws, women have very little freedom.  They cannot vote, work in politics or administration jobs nor can they leave the house without their faces and bodies completely covered.  What can your group propose?

Conflict B – Your group is concerned about a situation occurring in a developing country in South America called Volivia where a private company has recently taken control of all access to clean drinking water.  The people in the villages can no longer take water from their traditional water source, as the company has diverted and blocked the natural flow; furthermore, these people are too poor to pay the private water company for the new manditory installation.  What can your group propose?

Conflict C – Your group is concerned about a situation occurring in a country called Zwahizi deep in the African Congo.  Here there are militant gangs that kidnap families from slums in cities, then they put the men, women and children to work in slave camps, working for the illegal trade of diamonds.  Once the diamonds are sold to International Markets, it is virtually impossible to detect that they came from slave camps.  What can your group propose?

Conflict D – Your group is concerned about a situation occurring in a country called Castro, on a small island in the Carribean, in an exclusive, top secret zone, where the US Army has a prison camp for international terrorists or war criminals.  There the prisoners are violently tortured as way of interrogation, or attaining information.  What can your group propose?

Conflict E – Your group is concerned about a situation occurring in a country called Kyong-Jin.  It is a communist country, so there are many strict rules and government controls.  For example Google, Facebook, Twitter and almost every other form of online social media is strictly forbidden, using such forms of media could result in the highest forms of punishment such as life in prison or death by firing squad.  What can your group propose?

Interdisciplinary texts

You will watch and listen to videos related to topics studied in history classes.

After watching the videos, you will sit in a circle with classmates, where you will ask and answer questions, think critically and offer opinions.

Every student must arrive to the circle with 3 prepared questions.

There will be two circles, the inner circle will have a discussion, while the outer circle observes and takes notes on completing a Socratic Circle – feedback form.

5th Grade: La Caida de Roma

6th Grade: Los Tres Ordenes en la Edad Media